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One day I hope to meet 'Mattress Mick' - Stephen Fry's pillow talk with bed salesman


Stephen Fry and Mattress Mick

Stephen Fry and Mattress Mick

Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry

Mattress Mick, AKA Michael Flynn

Mattress Mick, AKA Michael Flynn


Stephen Fry and Mattress Mick

STEPHEN Fry has returned to the capital to film his latest movie and he may have landed a good deal on a mattress for his troubles.

The comedian and actor touched down in Dublin to film at Newbridge House in Donabate but en route he was quite taken with local salesman 'Mattress Mick'.

Dublin's 'premier mattress salesman' caught the attention of the English funny-man with his bright yellow advertising signs near the Five Lamps on the northside of the city.

Fry tweeted the sign to his 8.7 million followers online and announced that he would like to meet Mick himself.

"One day I hope to meet 'Mattress Mick'. I think we'll have lots to discuss. Mattresses for example. And prices," he wrote.

In a true display of it's not what you know but who, 'Mattress Mick', whose real name is Michael Flynn, told Ray D'Arcy that he would try to do a decent deal for the 57-year-old if they managed to meet up.

"I'd certainly do him a good deal," the businessman said.

He joked that he would have his people reach out to Fry's people.

The Coolock native, best known for his 2011 rap about mattresses, already has Fry sized up for the type of bedding he will need.

"He's a big man so he would need a very good, firm mattress with good support. I'd love the opportunity to go through the whole mattress thing with him," he said.


Fry, who wed his partner Elliot Spencer recently, is back in Dublin to take up a role in Love and Friendship.

The Jane Austen adaptation has attracted a host of well-known faces to the Donabate heritage site in recent weeks.

Set in the 1790s, the film will tell the story of Lady Susan Vernon, a beautiful widow who visits her in-laws under a cloud of controversy and decides to find a new husband while there.

Hollywod favourite Kate Beckinsale has nabbed the lead role, while Chloe Sevingy will appear as her confidante, Alicia. Fry has taken on the role of Mr Johnson, Alicia's husband in the flick.

Filming is due to continue for five weeks on location here. It has already proved a glamorous affair with both Beckinsale and Sevingy being snapped in extravagent period gowns.

The Whit Stillman-directed film received funding from the Irish Film Board.