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One brother has 57 convictions and is one of the most feared inmates in the prison system ... the other is a part-time model and co-owner of a popular cafe on Dublin’s southside

ONE brother is one of the most feared inmates in Irish prison history, the other is the co-owner of a savvy cafe on Dublin's southside.

Leroy Dumbrell (24) and his brother Trevor Lee (29) were reared under the same roof but the paths they have taken in life could not be more different.

Leroy, who has 57 convictions, sparked a walk-out from Mountjoy prison officers a fortnight ago when he was transferred back to the E Division at the Joy from Castlerea Prison.

But his brother Trevor, who has adopted the name Trevor Lee, now runs one of the top tourist cafes in the capital.

Trevor decided not to follow in his father's lifestyle and adopt a life of crime following the death of his sister from leukaemia in the early 90s.

"When she died it was so hard for me," he said. "It could have been me that died. We were very close, and so young. I felt lost and it really got to me."

Trevor began work as a model for the Compton's agency in Dublin.

He hit the headlines five years ago when he claimed he was going to enter the Big Brother house -- but he never appeared on the hit TV reality Show.

He moved to the Liberties area of south Dublin and, in addition to his modelling work, he turned to charity work by volunteering with Oxfam and at a local secondary school.

Trevor has also worked as a fashion choreographer, catwalk trainer and charity event manager.

With his modelling career now over, he officially opened the savvy Cathedral Cafe in the Liberties across the road from St Patrick's Cathedral in February this year.

The Dean Street venue boasts 19th century Parisian-style wallpaper, quaint wooden seating and a picturesque view.

He described the feel of his cafe as like coming "home" at the restaurant's opening.

"I think the place is about coming in, being able to unwind, being able to share your thoughts and just being able to be yourself in general. Just like home," he said.

Leroy's life has been more turbulent. In 2002, he and two other individuals attacked a woman with multiple sclerosis and a man with learning difficulties on New Year's Eve.

After holding down the 27-year- old woman, he poured petrol over her before setting her alight and as the woman lay screaming he put out the flames with boiling water.

His victim spent 19 days in a burns unit following the attack.


While out on bail in 2004, he attacked and partially blinded a man who was out walking his dog and was sentenced to a further eight years behind bars.

During one of the court hearings in 2006, a prison report said that Dumbrell had expressed remorse and "got a grip" on his life.

However, since then he has been singled out as one of the ringleaders in a 2008 jail riot which left a prison warder with serious facial injuries.

Dumbrell has received 75 P19 Reports, issued when disciplinary action is taken against a prisoner.

Leroy and Trevor's father Colin was raised in wealthy middle-class household but admitted in an interview a number of years ago that he chose to be a criminal.

"I refuse to be poor and I'm not a nine-to-five man, I've been a criminal all my life," he said. "I didn't need to turn to crime. But I chose to and I'm not ashamed of it."

Another brother Leonard (22) was jailed for three years in 2007 after being convicted of car theft and criminal damage in the Crumlin and Inchicore areas.