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On your holidays? Just don't forget the teabags


Transportable teabags.

Transportable teabags.

Transportable teabags.

It wouldn't be a holiday abroad for the Irish unless we have a stash of teabags in our suitcase to tide us over, a study has revealed.

This nod to the traditional brew has been identified as the top Irish trait when travelling, according to research from Jurys Inn.

More than one-third of those surveyed admitted that they packed Irish teabags in their luggage to make themselves a proper cup of their favourite blend while abroad.

Other common customs for Irish tourists included chatting with hotel staff to find out if they have an Irish relative (12pc), and stashing a couple of packets of Tayto crisps in their suitcases (11pc).

According to the survey, one-third (33pc) of Irish adults claim that they have more disposable income to spend on travel and leisure than they did 12 months ago.


Those under 34 were revealed as those most likely to have more disposable income.

Hopping between different cities has become a favourite pastime for many Irish people when it comes to their choice of trip away.

More than half of adults (57pc) revealed that they take city breaks at least two or three times a year, while a further 20pc enjoy an excursion to a different city at least once a year.

When it comes to choosing where to stay, Irish tourists say the top factors are cleanliness (59pc), free breakfast (49pc), online travel reviews (47pc) and free WiFi (40pc)

Proximity to shopping centres and high streets (37pc), comfort of the bed (32pc), quietness of the hotel (25pc) and having family-friendly attractions nearby (22pc) are also among factors that most influence where Irish tourists would choose to stay on holiday.

Suzanne Cannon, the head of marketing at Jurys Inn, said: "It's great to see from our new research that Irish people are increasingly treating themselves to city breaks.

"Whether it's a staycation at home or a short stay abroad, Irish people always seem to enjoy a change of scenery and an excuse to get out of their routines and explore somewhere new."