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On-tour teachers get a testing timing from cops

THEIR students are sitting the Leaving Cert while they travel around Poland - but these 'teachers on tour' were set their own exam from local police.

The five teachers and their camper van were detained by officers for more than 90 minutes after they were accused of causing a road accident on the road from Poznan to Gdansk.

The van was searched and the teachers quizzed after police mistakenly believed they had caused a crash.

Brendan Bennett, from Waterford, told the Herald: "We were pulled over by the cops for an hour and a half. They waved around 50 vans through but they stopped us for some reason."

The group, including Mark Doran, from Wicklow, Ian Murphy, from Wexford, Daniel Twomey, from Cork and Miriam Maher, from Kilkenny, were forced to hand over their passports.

"All that was going on in our van was some card games," laughed Brendan.