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On the run Ryan pal now missing for two months

GARDAI are hunting for a close pal of slain Real IRA chief Alan Ryan who has gone on the run after failing to appear at court.

Officers have not been able to locate Nathan Kinsella (34) for almost two months after a bench warrant was issued for his arrest in early November.

Kinsella was kneecapped in a punishment shooting in Ballyfermot in November 2012 as part of an internal IRA purge that happened in the months after Ryan was shot dead.


Last September, the family home of Kinsella's innocent ex-girlfriend in the East Wall area of Dublin was shot-up in a daylight gun attack which sources believe was linked to her relationship with him.

A senior source said: "It's believed that Kinsella is still in Ireland and is lying low.

"There are multiple threats against this individual because of his links to dissident republicanism and serious criminality.

"In all probability, it is far more likely that Kinsella is hiding from his many criminal enemies rather than from the gardai.

"They are the ones who would undoubtedly pose the biggest worry to him. Gardai have no information that Mr Kinsella has been murdered or that serious harm has come to him.

"He will be arrested on sight if he is spotted and brought before the courts."

Kinsella, who is from Matt Talbot Court in Dublin's north inner city, spent several days in hospital recovering from the injuries he sustained in the punishment shooting, when bullets were fired into both his legs.

He has not made a formal complaint to gardai. Detectives have been working on the theory that he was targeted by some of his former Real IRA associates.

He was charged with membership of an illegal organisation as part of the garda Operation Ambience crackdown which happened after Ryan's paramilitary funeral in September 2012.


The terror group, which now calls itself simply the IRA, has expelled dozens of members and stood down certain "active service units" in a purge against suspected informers within its ranks.

Command has been transferred to hardliners in the North, and many of Ryan's close associates, including Kinsella, have become "unwanted persons".

Only days after Ryan's funeral, Kinsella was one of three men charged with IRA membership at Dublin's Special Criminal Court.

Charges against the other two, one of whom was Ryan's younger brother Vincent, were later dropped.