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AFTER a love-hate relationship with Irish audiences, the show that gave us Vogue Williams is fading from view.

Fade Street, the much-hyped poor imitation of The Hills, looks set not to return for a second season, senior sources on the show have revealed. The first series never got over the 100,000 viewer mark. Fade Street debuted amid a wave of hype but failed to register with viewers and failed to get over its ratings difficulties.

Straywave Media would not confirm that the show would not be back, but they admitted they had not been asked to make a second series. John Norton, of Straywave, told the Herald that he believed that negotiations with RTE were ongoing.

"It's true that the figures weren't brilliant so we are just waiting to see. It's still too early to say for definite as RTE haven't made a decision either way. PI feel the show was just getting into its stride and establishing itself."

Starring Louise Johnston, Vogue Williams, Dani Robinson and Cici Kavanagh, it chronicled the escapades of four 'girls about town'.

Its makers have always insisted that the programme was unscripted and based on real-life events -- but this has been queried by some critics. The show even spawned a satirical spin-off page on Facebook called Fake Street, which attracted nearly 5,000 fans.

Last January RTE took the decision to move it from Thursday nights to a Monday night slot at the start of the year in a bid to pull in more viewers, which did not work.