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Olympic skier Shane raised over €1,600 to help Haiti

IRISH Olympic skier Shane O'Connor raised hundreds of euro for relief efforts in Haiti before flying out to the Games in Vancouver this week.

Slalom skier Shane (36) and his trainer Colin Gaffney have raised more than €1,600 for The Irish Red Cross Haiti Fund so far.

Shane, who was working in his job at financial services company SIG right up until he departed for the Olympics, found time to cycle on a stationary bike in LA Fitness in Dartry, Dublin, for 6,796km -- the distance of the devastated capital Port-au-Prince.

The skier and his strength coach, Colin, grew up together in Malahide and Shane said he has been interested in the sport ever since he was five years old.

But he said that there was a sense of disbelief that he had qualified in the technically difficult discipline for the Games in Vancouver, Canada.

"For a long time I've refused to look past qualifying or my next scheduled races," he said. "I've always focused on the Olympics as a goal but I've never really accepted them as an actual reality.

"It's suddenly all become a bit scary but in a really good way."

Shane said that since the official announcement he has been extremely nervous and is glad to be keeping busy with work before travelling over to the games.

"I've been like the proverbial cat on a hot tin roof," he said. "I have so much nervous energy I'm finding it hard to sit still -- my mind is racing yet I can't seem to focus on any specific thoughts."