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Olympic champ Katie 'one of a kind' - boxing legend Mick

BOXING Legend Mick Dowling has said there'll never be another Katie Taylor and has praised her contribution to Irish boxing.

But the former Olympian said that when it comes to fair coverage of female sports, women get short shrift.

"Women in sport I do honestly feel get a raw deal," he said. "They get so little coverage."

The RTE analyst (67), who competed in the Mexico City and Munich Olympics, said he has personal experience with poor media coverage of women sports stars.

Athlete Emily Dowling, the retired boxer's wife, ran for Ireland in her heyday and competed in the Dublin Marathon many times.

"My wife was an international athlete - she would get such a small write-up compared to the men and I'm going back a long time ago when my wife won the Dublin marathon back in 1981," he told the Herald.

But the First Lady of global boxing, Katie Taylor, has done a great deal to boost the profile of women's sport he said.

"Katie is an exception and she certainly has gotten very, very good coverage," he noted. "Without question she has helped with the cause."

There will never be anyone else quite like the Bray boxing champ, who is a "one off", according Dowling.

"She really is she is a total and absolute exception. I don't think there'll be anybody like her again," he said.

The talented Olympic gold medalist is a great role model for women, he said.

As a staunch advocate for women in sport he is hoping to attract more than a few ladies to his upcoming fight-night for the Irish Heart Foundation.

Mick was speaking at the launch of the charity event through which he hopes to raise €50,000 for the organisation.

But Mick isn't the only one lending a gloved-hand to the Dublin's Big Heart Fight Night which will take place in the Wright Venue in Swords on November 8.

Veteran commentator Jimmy Magee who will turn 80 next year, was also on hand to encourage people to sign up for the event.

He told the Herald that he will never retire.

The Memory Man said that he will "never, never" take a step back from the world of sports broadcasting.

"I think I'd have to be medically forced to retire," he added.