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Olwyn is moving to husband's county

PREGNANT TD Olwyn Enright is to relocate to her husband's constituency of Donegal North East when she quits the Dail.

The Offaly native has revealed to the Herald that she has no regrets about her decision to become a stay-at-home mum, but she isn't closing the door on politics for ever.

Fine Gael representative Olwyn has also confirmed that she will be working right up to the next election and won't be taking maternity leave when her second child is born in December.

"You don't really get to take [maternity leave]. That's the nature of politics. I'll be out for a few weeks, the same as last time, but you do end up having to get back into it quick enough," she said.

"I suppose I won't have a frontbench portfolio this time as well so that'll change things a little bit. My constituents want the work that they need done to be done so certainly I'll be concentrating on that."