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older women still have a role in hollywood, says fionnula

Fionnula Flanagan has told how she still getting acting roles at the age of 72

It is an industry that has been slammed for its a treatment of older women in Hollywood, but the veteran actress explained how her age makes the work she gets to do interesting.

"I will be 73 in December, and someone who is 40 couldn't do what I do, and then of course I can't do what they do. Mind you I would have a crack at it," she said.

The Dubliner, who starred in The Guard with Brendan Gleeson, told Miriam O'Callaghan on her RTE radio show: "I mean experience and time gives you a heft that you wouldn't otherwise have, so people want that in certain parts and certain films and I am delighted that they do."

She lives in Beverly Hills in LA, and also has a home in Wicklow.


Speaking about drinking being such a part of the way of life in Ireland, she told how she was in a car last summer in Dublin when there a concert on; "We actually had to sort of crawl along whenever we were passing any of the pubs because of all the young people, who were spilling out on to the street drinking and we came across several young girls lying in the gutter so drunk that they couldn't even stand and I mean that is so tragic. Terribly tragic."