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Old coats lease of life for homeless

a new charity that collects unwanted coats and jackets from fire-damaged houses and distributes them directly to the homeless has said it has seen a massive increase in offers of clothing and help since the tragic death of Jonathan Corrie on a Dublin city doorstep.

The Jacket Off Your back campaign is only three weeks old but has already seen a massive interest from people who see it as a way of doing something positive very quickly with no money being swallowed up by administration or distribution.

Founder Kevin Kelly, pictured inset with Sue Kelly and Maura Fenlon, explained how a chance situation at work sparked the idea in his head.

"I work in the fire and flood restoration business and three weeks ago was asked to throw out three coats from a premises.

"But they were in too good a condition so I asked if I could have them with the idea that I would drop them into a homeless charity.

"And then the idea snowballed from there," Kevin explained. Kevin has set up a website where people can find out what their local drop-off point is.


"Volunteers grade the coats and prepare them for distribution from a main centre in Carlow, and what we need now is people who are making regular trips around the country to come on board and volunteer to drop them off," he added.

"We work with a few charities who then provide the coats directly to those who need them."