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Oh Lord, we're favourites to be first elected Mayor

Labour TD Ruairi Quinn has been installed as favourite to be the first elected Lord Mayor of Dublin -- despite the fact that he hasn't expressed an interest.

The former Finance Minister leads a field of politicians and celebrities as the capital's next fist citizen, as 3/2 favourite.

Fine Gael MEP Gay Mitchell is second favourite at 3/1, while Labour's Dermot Lacey -- the only councillor in the top 15 -- is third favourite.

The bookies' odds were released as the capital awaits confirmation of the first mayor elections in the history of Dublin city, which are due to take place in June.

High profile figures such as Bono, Bob Geldof, Gay Byrne, Gerry Ryan and Bertie Ahern also feature on the list of possible mayors.

Dustin the Turkey even features at 500/1 -- since he carved out a name for himself as a Eurovision contestant for Ireland in 2008.

Senator David Norris, who has been the driving force behind establishing Dublin's James Joyce Centre, restoring Great George's Street and developing a Metro for the city, is ranked fourth on the list of favourites. But he told the Herald: "I know my talents, and it's not for me. I'm an ideas man and I will continue to contribute ideas for the city I love, but I'd be mad to take it."

Mr Quinn said he still hadn't given the job full consideration, because it is not yet clear what the role would entail.

"It's been brought to my attention and I'm flattered that it's up there but until such time as we know what the job description is, no one can make any decision on it. It's all up in the air. We couldn't reasonably make up our minds as to whether to go for it or not."

The Labour TD said he was not fully confident that the first election for Lord Mayor would take place, since legislation had still not been presented before the Government.

"This has been promised by John Gormley, and we have to wait and see if he'll deliver on his promise," he said.

"Everyone is going to wait and see. But I find it hard to see how everything will be up and running."

Meanwhile, Cllr Dermot Lacey has been campaigning for an elected Lord Mayor for many years, and will put himself forward as a Labour candidate.

"I've spent the last 10 years of my life campaigning for such a post, and I believe it's really important for Dublin.

"Someone asked me if my hat was in the ring, and it is in the outer ring, with a view to getting into the inside ring."

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