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...oh, and I see Gerry in my dreams - Tubs

RTE's Ryan Tubridy has claimed he sees his late pal and colleague Gerry Ryan in his dreams.

The Late Late Show host (37), who was friendly with the late broadcaster for several years, said that Gerry has comforted him that he is doing "grand".

Tubridy was speaking to Gay Byrne on his Meaning Of Life series -- which documents celebrities' personal experiences with religion -- and he said it was unusual for him to remember his dreams so clearly.

"I have had two very vivid dreams and I'm not one of those dream interpreters but they've been very vivid and lucid moments," he explained.

"One was him sitting in this chair and me saying to him, 'are you all right?', and he said, 'I'm grand, don't be worrying'.

"And the other was two nights ago and he was getting on a train and the door was closing and I said, 'you know I'm missing you an awful lot', and he said, 'I understand, but I'm okay'.

"It's the strangest thing and it's had more of an effect on me than I realise," he said.

The 2fm star, who took over Gerry's time slot on the station after his untimely death, said that he recently found a picture of himself, Gerry and Gay, which he will always treasure.

"I came across a great photo of yourself and myself and Gerry down by the canal," he said.

"We were sober, it was a lovely photo of the three of us just shooting the breeze," presenter Ryan added.

TV legend Gay jumped to defend his pal Gerry's reputation: "Never ever did I see him when I thought he was drunk, and never ever did I see him under the influence of anything else either," he explained.

"I'm wondering did I miss out on things or am I dumb or am I blind?"

Gay also explained that he met Martin Sheen on his successful show.

"He is very devout, he is going through a bad time with Charlie [Sheen] at the moment," Gay said.

"I interviewed him on Saturday and instead of going to Malta where he was supposed to go, he was going back to America to pick up the shards of the wreck of what Charlie Sheen is going through."