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Officers to trail rapist after he leaves jail

UNDERCOVER detectives today trailed freed serial killer suspect Larry Murphy.

The undercover squad was assigned to the notorious rapist to allay public concerns surrounding his early release.

Inside Arbour Hill jail, Murphy has been kept appraised about the media attention surrounding his release.

"He knew the press were waiting and was in no hurry to walk out the gates," a source said.

"He showered late in the morning and smirked at other inmates, almost revelling in his notoriety. There's no doubt someone on the outside was keeping him informed."

Garda Commissioner Fachtna Murphy has made the monitoring of the rapist a top priority.

The suspected serial killer does not have to alert authorities as to his whereabouts for the next seven days.

However, Murphy (45) -- known as Prisoner 971 until this morning -- is set to remain under 24-hour watch for the first few days after his release.

An updated picture of the dangerous psychopath has been issued to every garda station in the country.

The new photo will allow gardai to remain on alert as the rapist, described by an FBI expert as "likely to reoffend", was released into the community.

This morning prison sources revealed that Murphy had remained “very relaxed” as he prepared for his release. He enjoyed a final shower at 8.30am before preparing for release.

His first days of freedom will not prove so calm with public outrage at his early release growing.

All sex offenders have their photo taken a few days before their release and it is put on a database which is available to every garda station.

According to sources, the rapist, who has spent more than a decade behind bars, has not changed in appearance greatly since he entered prison in 2000.

Larry Murphy had a distinctive chin dimple, a rounded face with scruffy, greying hair and is around 5ft 10 in height.

“He has done nothing to try and change how he looks,” a source said.

“He hasn't grown a beard or moustache and looks similar to when he was first locked up.

“He hasn't dyed his hair or shaved his head. He still looks like the Larry Murphy everyone is used to seeing in the papers.”

Murphy will be allowed to roam the country freely for seven days when he must sign in to a garda station and give details of his whereabouts.

Numerous reports have suggested that Larry Murphy will travel abroad when released, most likely to the UK but there is a possibility he may decide to move to a Mediterranean area.

The gardai released a lengthy statement last night outlining the power they have to monitor sex offenders on their release after numerous calls to provide information of the whereabouts of evil rapist Larry Murphy.

“Gardai are not at liberty to disclose details relating to names, addresses, convictions etc of convicted sex offenders, except in accordance with Children First guidelines and then only on referral to the HSE via the District Officer,” the garda statement read.

“Such disclosure may increase the risk of re-offending due to the stress caused to the offender, make the management of that risk more difficult and may cause unnecessary concern to the public.”


Murphy was able to obtain a new passport and driving licence while behind bars, but has yet to inform authorities of where he plans to live.

Murphy will be obliged to notify gardai if he changes his name or address within seven days of doing so. He also has to inform gardai if he is leaving the country for more than seven days and provide an address where he will stay.

Larry Murphy's sister-in-law Helen has came out to reassure locals in Baltinglass that Larry Murphy would not be living with his brother Thomas and their two children.

She said the past few weeks have been the “worst of her life”, adding: “I don't think I could put it in words how stressful it's been, how difficult for Thomas and myself and our children.”