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Octuplet doctor charged in mental health wrangle

The Beverly Hills fertility doctor who Nadya Suleman claimed helped her conceive 14 children was formally accused of negligence and violation of professional guidelines.

The California Medical Board said Michael Kamrava acted "beyond the reasonable judgement of any treating physician" by repeatedly providing fertility treatment to a woman identified in the complaint only by the initials NS.

Ms Suleman has previously identified Dr Kamrava as her doctor. The document says his patient became pregnant with octuplets.

Ms Suleman gave birth to the world's longest-living set of octuplets on January 26 last year. She already had six other children.

Dr Kamrava is accused of gross negligence in three instances.

These comprise transferring too many embryos, repeatedly transferring fresh embryos when frozen ones were available, and failing to refer Ms Suleman for a mental health evaluation.

He is also accused of "failure to recognise that NS's behaviour was outside the norm".

Calls to Dr Kamrava's office were not returned, but his lawyer Peter Osinoff said fertility patients were not typically screened for mental health problems "unless there is overt evidence of pathology, and there was not overt evidence of pathology, that will be our argument".