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Octopus predicts victory for India

A COUSIN of an octopus famed for his soccer predictions has forecast a sticky wicket for Ireland's cricketers in tomorrow's crunch game.

Two-year-old Jules, the cousin of Paul the octopus, who correctly predicted several of Germany's World Cup results in South Africa, has picked India to beat Ireland in the Cricket World Cup game tomorrow.

Jules is also a relative of Paddy the Octopus, whose talent was to predict the outcome of GAA matches.

He has taken over the family trade from his home in Bray's Sea Life Centre, and picked the winner of tomorrow's game for the Herald.

"He was really fussy about the whole thing," Education Officer Cathy McGuire told the Herald.

"It took him a good while to decide but in the end but he went for India although he was still holding a little bit to Ireland.

"He liked the two of them so we think it's going to be a close one. We think he may have hoped for Ireland to win but his instinct told him that India would be the winner."