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'Octomum' gets fighting chance

"Octomum" Nadya Suleman is looking for a fight, but the gloves will be well and truly on.

Celebrity Boxing Federation promoter Damon Feldman has announced that Ms Suleman will be the featured fighter in a bout in Springfield, 90 miles west of Boston, Massachusetts, Springfield newspaper The Republican said.

Ms Suleman, an unemployed single mother who already had six children, drew worldwide criticism in 2009 when she gave birth to eight babies in California, saying she was addicted to having children. Her octuplets are the world's longest-surviving set.

Mr Feldman says he is looking for a woman who wants to get in the ring and "fight this well-known mum".

The fight will consist of three one-minute rounds. The women will wear oversized gloves and protective head gear.

Ms Suleman fought in a similar match in New Jersey in June. It was a draw.

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