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Octomom racks up debts of €700k

NADYA SULEMAN, the mother of octuplets dubbed 'Octomom' has filed for bankruptcy.

Ms Suleman owes as much as $1m (¤0.7m) and wants a fresh start for her children, a US newspaper reported.

"I have had to make some very difficult decisions this year, and filing Chapter Seven [bankruptcy] was one of them," said Ms Suleman.

The California mother of 14 reports up to $50,000 (€37,000) in assets in court filings, which means she owes more than 20 times her net worth.

Among others, Ms Suleman owes money to her father, the city's water department, DirecTV and Whittier Christian School, where at least some of her children are students.

Ms Suleman also owes more than $30,000 (¤22,000) in rent payments on her house.


The home's owner, Amer Haddadin, said his own credit had suffered as he allowed the home to go into foreclosure proceedings by not making the mortgage payments.

Ms Suleman was in dire straits financially before the January 2009 birth of her octuplets brought her notoriety.

She lived with her mother in a three-bedroom house that was in foreclosure proceedings at the time of the octuplets' birth.

The unemployed single mother had been supporting her six other children with the aid of food stamps and Social Security disability payments - sources of income that she continues to rely on.

Since the birth, she has cut deals with media outlets and posed in tabloid photo spreads, touting a book and exercise videos that never materialised.

She earned $5,000 (¤3,770) for promoting spaying and neutering for an animal rights group and was paid to take a beating in celebrity boxing matches.

In 2009, Ms Suleman declined a million-dollar offer to appear in pornography.

Last month, semi-nude photos of Ms Suleman ran alongside a paid interview in a British paper - a photo spread she defended in the tabloids, saying she was not ashamed of it.

All Ms Suleman's children were conceived through in vitro fertility treatments.

Her octuplets are the world's longest-surviving set.