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Oberstown escapee stabs fellow inmate


Fianna Fail spokesman on children Robert Troy

Fianna Fail spokesman on children Robert Troy

Fianna Fail spokesman on children Robert Troy

The Oberstown detainee who stabbed another youth is one of the juveniles who absconded from the facility last month, the Herald can reveal.

One youth suffered a severe stab wound and two staff members had to receive medical treatment following the latest violent incident at the crisis-hit facility on Wednesday evening.

"There was blood everywhere. He [the victim] was cut from the back to the front of his left side across the torso.

"He stabbed him under the left arm and then sliced. It was fairly horrific," a source said.

A broken cup was used in the attack, which left the victim bloodied and requiring hospital treatment.

The Herald has learned that the youth who carried out the attack escaped from the facility last month. Four youths bolted from the Oberstown centre on July 25, with three having been returned since while one still remains at large.

Of the staff that were injured trying to intervene in the attack, one was head-butted while another was punched. The incident comes just days after two female staff had to be hospitalised after trying to break-up a fight between two detainees.

One member of staff was concussed, while another ended up with cruciate ligament damage to her knee. A source said the staff member who injured her knee was getting married in two weeks and "may have to attend her big day on crutches".

Fianna Fail spokesman on children Robert Troy said Dr James Reilly, Minister for Children and Youth affairs should "sit up and take notice of the situation going on in Oberstown".

He called on the minister to "meet with front-line staff and listen to their concerns".

"We've had 31 staff members injured in the line of duty at Oberstown. It's not acceptable and security measures need to be improved," Mr Troy said.