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Oasis fan sues for Slane gig damages

A MAN has claimed his ankle was broken during a crush in a queue for a bar at a Slane Castle concert, the High Court heard.

Paul Kennedy (22) of Ballinteer Park, Dublin, is seeking damages over an alleged incident in which he says he was pushed against a barrier during the incident at the Oasis concert in June 20, 2009.

Mr Kennedy is suing MCD Productions, Dun Laoghaire; Henry Mountcharles; and Solak Bars Ltd of Upper Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin.


Liability has been denied.

MCD is being sued as the event manager, Henry Mountcharles as owner of the venue, and Solak, because it organised the bars there.

Mr Kennedy said he had to give up an electrician's apprenticeship because of his injury.

The case continues.