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Nurses warned of rapist living near hospital

Nurses at a city hospital are taking precautions for their personal safety after they learned that convicted rapist Trevor Byrne is living in their midst.

Senior nurses at St James' Hospital have warned other staff to be extra cautious if they are arriving to or leaving work during night periods, or walking alone, since they learned the predatory rapist has been located on a nearby street.

Byrne (36) has nine previous convictions, including a 15-year sentence for orally and vaginally raping an 18-year-old woman in 1993.


He struck the woman on the head with a brick and told her he had to kill her as she would identify him.

He was also sentenced to five years in 2006 after assaulting a 32-year-old woman whose throat he threatened to cut.

It was on his release from this that he carried out an attempted robbery of a woman, just 14 hours after being let out of jail.

He was released last March from an eight-year sentence for the attempted robbery of the woman at her home on September 15, 2009.

The final two years of the sentence were suspended on condition that he enter a bond and follow strict terms, including keeping an 8pm to 8am curfew and avoiding alcohol.

Byrne, who is formerly of O'Devaney Gardens in Dublin, was sent back to jail last April after he was caught with six cans of cider and said that he needed alcohol in order to stay away from drugs.

He later telephoned the Central Mental Hospital and told a nurse that he felt like he was out of control and that he "might hack somebody up".

His case has been adjourned to decide if he would have to serve the outstanding two years of his sentence and he is now free after a court heard he was now receiving psychiatric treatment.


Judge Patricia Ryan agreed to a defence application to release Byrne and not impose the full two-year suspended term.

She heard that he was getting psychiatric treatment in custody and was willing, if released, to co-operate with the Probation Service until 2016 when the sentence expires.

Byrne is now disguising his features with a baseball cap and glasses, and nurses at St James's say they are nervous when outside the hospital.

"There is a lot of uneasiness and apprehension because of his past," said one source.

The staff has spread the word among others in the hospital, urging them to be careful and not walk alone at night in light of the news that Byrne has been spotted locally.