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Nurse injured by falling Weetabix boxes in Tesco awarded €135,000


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A PSYCHIATRIC nurse who was injured when boxes of Weetabix fell on her in Tesco has been awarded €135,000 in damages.

Christina Butler, of Crecora, Co Limerick, was shopping at Tesco in the Crescent Shopping Centre, Limerick, when the accident happened on May 2, 2008.

The mother of three was in the grocery section of the store when a number of boxes of Weetabix fell on her. This caused her to jerk away from the boxes before falling to the ground. She suffered soft tissue injuries mainly to her neck, back and right shoulder.

After two days of evidence at the High Court in Limerick, Mr Justice Paul McDermott said it was clear that while soft tissue injuries normally resolve themselves, "sometimes this doesn't happen".

A medical examination carried out in August 2013 confirmed that Ms Butler was suffering from dizziness and residual shoulder pain. Six years after the accident, she still had difficulties at work.

Mr Justice McDermott said there was no evidence to indicate that Ms Butler would fully recover from her injuries and it was "a tribute to her that she did not exaggerate her injuries".

She had embarked on physiotherapy sessions and acupuncture to cure the pain. She swapped shifts at work if she was in pain and would make up her hours.

The onset of anxiety was a "major intrusion on her life". Mr Justice McDermott said it would be appropriate to award Ms Butler damages of €135,588.35, including medical expenses.

She was also awarded her legal costs.