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NRA refuses to give motorists more time to pay their M50 tolls

MOTORISTS will not be getting a week to pay their M50 tolls -- despite Dublin city councillors passing a motion supporting the proposal.

The National Roads Authority (NRA) has insisted there will be no change to the current payment deadline -- which is 8pm the day after the motorist uses the motorway.

The deadline is governed by a bye-law -- and the NRA stressed there could be no change, despite the council vote.

"It's a bye-law. There is no change," a spokesperson told the Herald.

A proposal by Cllr Bill Tormey at Monday night's meeting of Dublin City Council, called for the 8pm next-day deadline to be extended by at least 24 hours.

The councillors maintained that extending the payment deadline to a week would ease the time constraints of the current system. While the proposal was unanimously passed at Monday night's monthly council meeting, it holds no legal influence.

"What I will say is that they [councillors] have no jurisdictionary rights on this issue. It's a bye-law and there is no change," the NRA spokesperson said.

"We do always welcome their feedback though -- and look forward to hearing from them in the future."

However, the spokesperson did add that the numbers of people receiving fines for non-payment of the toll by the deadline is falling.

"More than 75pc of daily users are registered now, so therefore the number of people running into penalties for not paying before the 8pm deadline has diminished significantly, but it still does exist."

Motorists who aren't registered can pay the toll before the 8pm deadline in their local shops, or by going online at www.m50.ie or eflow.ie, or calling freephone 1890 501050.

Last November, figures showed the NRA were making €50,000 a day from motorists who didn't pay the M50 toll on time. Fines are now bringing in 16pc of the overall revenue generated by the tolls.


A survey also showed that one in 10 drivers fail to pay the toll on time, incurring an immediate €3 fine. Thousands more allow fines to mount up by not paying further penalties, making the 34km motorway a money-spinner for the NRA.

The figures show that the NRA collected €59m in tolls between January and September 1 this year.

However, the NRA are confident that these amounts will fall over the next year as more and more motorists register accounts with eFlow.