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Now YouTube makes a movie

YouTube is making a movie with the help of producer Ridley Scott and a few hundred other filmmakers.

The internet site is organising the creation of Life In A Day, a project that plans to document July 24 with user-submitted videos from around the world. YouTube is asking people to upload footage of their daily lives.

Director Kevin Macdonald will edit together a feature-length documentary from the submitted material. It will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in January.

Marriage not key to stability

Marriage is not the deciding factor in making relationships between parents more stable when children are young, new research shows.

The findings revealed relationship stability was mainly determined by other factors, including age, education, occupation and income, plus delaying and planning pregnancy, rather than the institution of marriage itself.

The UK research highlighted that while cohabiting parents were more likely to split up than married ones, there was little evidence that marriage was the cause of greater stability between parents.

Store tragedy inquest delay

An inquest into the death of a man who was hit by a falling object while shopping in a DIY store was adjourned as the matter is before the courts.

Dublin Bus driver Michael O'Rourke (59), of St Laurence Park, Stillorgan, Dublin, died on March 29 after he was struck by a falling object at the B&Q store in Tallaght.

A post-mortem exam found he died of multiple trauma crush injuries as a result of blunt force trauma due to a falling object.