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Now you can face two NCT tests in weeks

CARS are having to undergo two tests within weeks due a flaw in the NCT system.

Motorists have complained that changes to the National Car Test (NCT) regime mean that, in certain cases, vehicles have to be put through a new check within a very short time of the previous one.

A driver told the Herald that the "totally stupid" rule forced him to bring his daughter's car to a test centre twice in less than four months.

And each time he had to pay the charge, which went from €50 to €55 in February.

"That is crazy. The whole thing should be reviewed," said Vincent Mulan (55).

Since the NCT requirement was introduced, cars more than four years old have to be checked every two years from the date they were registered.

However, last year, the Government stipulated that cars more than 10 years old have to be tested annually.

So if a motorist buys a second-hand car more than a decade old they may find themselves having to put it through the check twice in succession.


Mr Mulan told the Herald he took the Audi he bought for his daughter to a centre last December and it passed.

A short time later he noticed the disc was only valid until the end of March this year.

The reason was that the vehicle had been originally registered on March 29.

"(The disc) will always go from the date of registration of the vehicle," a spokeswoman for the NCT told the Herald. "That is the way it has always been since the introduction (of the NCT) back in 2000."

But the change to an annual test for older vehicles means some cars now have to be checked within a short period of the previous test.

She said the cert is issued until the "next date of first registration", rather than a year after the last check.

Mr Mulan, of West Cork, bought the car in a private sale.

He pointed out that, in certain cases, drivers may have to go abroad for a period and leave their car in the garage at home.

If the NCT disc expires while they are away, they could find themselves having to pay for two full tests within months on their return, he said.