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Now we're facing new 16pc rise in bin charges

DUBLIN households will be facing rises of more than 16pc on their bin charges.

Waste collection companies are imposing the rises because of an increase in a Government levy, they say.

But councillors complain the move is a result of the decision to privatise services.

"Officials admitted initially when they privatised the service that the cost would be reviewed in July," Independent councillor Cieran Perry said.

"It was obvious to anybody that it was not going to be downward."

The Department of the Environment is to increase the levy for landfilling waste from €50 per tonne to €65 at the start of next month, imposing increased costs on bin companies.

In response, private operators are passing on the increase to customers.

Greyhound, which took over the city council's 140,000 bin customers in January, will be pushing up the per-lift price for 140-litre black bins from €3.60 to €4.20, a 16.6pc rise.

The fee for 240-litre black bins will go from €6 to €7, while householders who use black bags will be paying €10.50 for three tags instead of €9.

For Greyhound customers in the South Dublin County Council area, the 31c per kilo charge will go up to 33c.

The fee for brown bin collections and the annual service charge will remain the same.

"We regret that price increases have been necessary at all.

"The increase is a consequence of the Government's decision to increase the landfill levy by 30pc," a Greyhound spokesman told the Herald.

Greenstar, Panda and other collection companies will also be increasing charges, it is understood.

Environment Minister Phil Hogan increased the levy by €20 to €50 last September as the country tries to meet stringent EU recycling targets.