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Now we face €106,000 bill for Mayor Slow's personal drivers

THE TAXPAYER is set to fork out over €1m to fund the position of mayor and his official residency next year, the Herald can reveal.

The latest bill is expected to reignite calls to reform the position and has led to demands by councillors for the mayor to "lead by example".

Figures obtained by the Herald show that a massive €106,200 will be splashed out on the mayor's drivers, while a further €33,800 has been ringfenced for other expenses such as mobile phone bills, petrol and stationery.

The Herald has also learned that thousands of taxpayers cash is reserved for the mayor's own private photographer.


The current mayor, Labour's Andrew Montague, will also receive €60,000 as his annual allowance.

The deputy mayor, Labour's Maria Parodi receives an allowance of €5,000 on top of her normal councillor entitlements.

And a further €825,500 has been budgeted on funding the city's Mansion House -- the mayor's official residence.

€304,500 is set to be spent on the upkeep and running of the Mansion House, on Dawson Street.

And a further €521,000 has been ringfenced for staff at the plush premises.

Overall, over €1m is budgeted for the mayor, the deputy mayor and the Mansion House premises

Mr Montague, dubbed 'Mayor Slow', could not respond to queries by the Herald, which sought to clarify the precise details of the expenses.

He told the Herald:

"The information you sent me was new to me, so I need to find out a bit more myself before I could comment."


Independent councillor Damian O'Farrell told the Herald that Mr Montague must "lead by example" and ensure the cost of the position is kept "rock bottom".

"I hope Mayor Montague -- who I believe is going to do an excellent job -- will take the bull by the horns and realise the severe needs of local communities throughout Dublin.

"As a Labour party member, it is incumbent on him to put his money where his mouth is and I challenge him to make sure his office comes in under budget as some of the figured quoted seem quite excessive."