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Now the Mail has pop off Ireland and Jedward

THE Daily Mail's anti-Irish bias has come to the surface once again -- this time by criticising the decision to bring the Olympic torch here.

The British tabloid newspaper wanted to know why the torch came here at all. The tabloid also branded twins Jedward "Z-listers".

The comments come just days after the Mail's Irish edition wrongly accused our Defence Forces of being involved in a botched organ transplant mission.

Now the UK edition of the Mail has launched another astonishing attack on the Irish and the decision to allow Jedward to carry the Olympic flame.

The Mail questioned the decision to allow the relay here, even though the move was supposed to symbolise the success of the peace process.

Its headline screamed: "Z-listers Jedward run with Olympic Flame ... and what is it doing in IRELAND?"


Its anti-Irish bias came further to the surface: "While the decision to take the relay into a country that is not actually playing host to the Games was met with a few raised eyebrows, a few more questions would have been asked when the honour of carrying the flame was handed to two of Ireland's less illustrious celebrities."

Last week, the Defence Forces issued a statement criticising the Mail for an attack on the professionalism of our Air Corps helicopter crews.

The paper tried to paint an organ transplant mission by courageous military air crews as botched.

In fact, as the army authorities pointed out, the mission was a success.

Meanwhile, Olympic chief Sebastian Coe described the torch visit here as a "historic opportunity to showcase the wealth of sporting talent from across the Republic of Ireland ahead of the competition at the London 2012 Olympic Games".

The Daily Mail website has been flooded with angry comment from members of the public both in Ireland and Britain since the story was published.