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Now Terenure residents fight to stop Tesco store

RESIDENTS in a southside suburb want to keep supermarket giant Tesco off their doorstep.

The retailer wants to set up shop on the site of a Terenure pub -- but they hadn't bargained on the objections of locals.

However, it's not quiet clear if they will turn to their local TDs as there is an ongoing row over which constituency Terenure should be in.

The suburb hit the headlines recently after locals insisted on being moved into a more "middle-class" Dail constituency of Dublin South-East.

The village is split in two, with half the community within Dublin South-Central and the rest represented by TDs and councillors in Dublin South-East.

Now, the latest battle is against the UK supermarket giant over its proposals as it seeks to convince planners of the merits of the scheme.

It comes as Lidl is also trying to get permission for a store in the area.

Tesco has applied for permission from Dublin City Council to turn the former Quinlan's bar into a convenience shop.

The local Brighton Square Association has called on the authority to reject the plans.


It told the council: "This proposal will undermine the viability of the mixture of small shops which help to create the character of the village of Terenure."

The group added: "In planning terms, it is important to reinforce the residential element in this area and not to undermine the existing shopping and commercial elements which are just about surviving at the moment. This proposal falls within both these criteria."

Tesco is seeking permission to construct a new 48sq m, single storey off-licence and change of use of the main public house on Terenure Road North to a store.

Provision for 28 parking and cycle spaces is included in the plans.

Fine Gael councillor for the area Edie Wynne said Tesco's plans would be "deleterious to the quality of life of local residents and interfere with the livelihood of local traders".

In a letter of objection, she said: "Increasing the number of outlets where cheap alcohol is available is not in the common good."

She added: "An off-licence/ supermarket complex which will be mainly accessed by car will make entry and exit to our homes almost impossible."

The council is due to adjudicate on the plan within days.

Lidl have applied to build a store at the former offices of the Sunday World on Rathfarnham Road.