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Now patient group reports Dr Eva for her show outburst

DR Eva Orsmond's outburst on Operation Transformation has been referred to the Medical Council by a patients' representative group.

The nutritionist came under fire from the public after she lashed out at a weight-loss contestant on the show.

Dr Eva told Charlotte O'Connell (23) to "cop on" after she missed her weight-loss target by half-a-pound.

Viewers were horrified as they watched Charlotte break down in tears after the criticism.

Later, RTE was inundated with phone calls and emails, with some viewers labelling Dr Eva's reaction as "an utter disgrace".


Now The Irish Patients' Association (IPA) has said that it has referred the section of the RTE programme to the Medical Council.

IPA chairman Stephen McMahon said that although the programme had a very positive effect on weight-loss habits, it was important not to lose sight of the patient's dignity.

He said it was not acceptable practice that the incident could be simply described as entertainment. Dr Eva's relationship with the participant was a clinical one, he said.

Mr McMahon said that as a patient advocacy group, the IPA was concerned about the messages that the public event may send to the doctor's peers and to viewers and decided to refer it on to the council.

Over the weekend, Dr Orsmond has gone on to say that she regrets the way she spoke to Ms O'Connell, saying that it was "too harsh".

But she said that she meant good by her outburst.

"I think everybody is very soft on the issue of obesity," she said.

"But who else is actually putting their foot down, the Government hasn't done anything.

"I know now that I'm in the bad books but I'm trying to help people."

Dr Eva said she and Charlotte had patched things up since their run-in on the show.


She has also admitted that she plans to apologise to Charlotte and that her outburst was "unpleasant."

"I will apologise for the way I spoke to her and the tone I used," she said.

An RTE spokesperson said that while Dr Eva's reaction "may have been forceful," it was "an important marker in Charlotte's journey".

Meanwhile presenter Kathryn Thomas said that she supported the Finnish doctor's outspoken attitude.

"Dr Eva shoots from the hip and I support her in that because the problem of obesity is extremely serious," she said.

"Her absence would be a great loss to the series.

"Operation Transformation wouldn't be the same without her."