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Now park bandstand is stripped bare as lead thieves strike again

GARDAI are hunting a suspected gang of metal thieves who stripped the roof off two of Dublin's best known bandstands.

The investigation into an incident in the National Botantic Gardens in Glasnevin is ongoing but no arrests have been made, a Garda spokesman said today.

Thieves took the lead sheeting from the roof of the bandstand in the gardens in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Estimates have put the value of the stolen material at around €4,000.

It is understood the culprits entered the gardens from the adjoining Glasnevin Cemetery.

A copper and bronze sculpture of a warrior was also taken but it was found in the graveyard.


The landmark bandstand in Phoenix Park Hollow, beside Dublin Zoo, was stripped last Friday.

The thefts come in the wake of a series of incidents which have seen buildings, sculptures and other structures targeted as the value of lead and other metals increases.

Last year, vandals pilfered the lead from the roof of the old Hume Street Hospital to sell on the black market -- leaving the historic Dublin building open to rot and mould.

As a result, rainwater seeped in, causing irreparable damage to the interior.

The thieves also returned for copper piping. The former Dublin skin and cancer hospital has been shut since 2006. The site was purchased by a developer who wanted to convert it into office space but had their plans turned down.