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Now Miley hacker is arrested over credit card fraud on his computer

A man who bragged about hacking into Miley Cyrus's email account and distributing revealing pictures of her has been arrested on unrelated charges.

Josh Holly (21) was charged with possession of unauthorised credit card account numbers after FBI agents reviewed evidence obtained when they searched his computer.

In an FBI affidavit filed with the US District Court in Nashville, agent Victor Rodriguez said that Holly acknowledged hacking into Cyrus's MySpace account.


Court documents also said he bragged online and to the media about obtaining photos of Cyrus from her Gmail account in late 2007 and later posting them on a hackers' site.

"Holly made numerous admissions during the interview," Rodriguez writes in the affidavit dated January 2009. "He confirmed that he was the person who had obtained data from Miley Cyrus' MySpace account without authorisation."

So far, he does not face charges relating to Cyrus, but the intrusion into her account was used by agents to obtain permission to search his seized computer equipment.

Holly was released on Monday and has a preliminary hearing set for January 12. Cyrus's publicist had no comment on the arrest.

According to the affidavit, Holly said in media interviews and internet postings that he first hacked Cyrus's MySpace account around December 2007. He obtained a password from that account and used it to hack her Gmail account, where he obtained revealing photos of her that were subsequently widely distributed on the internet.

Rodriguez says a review of Holly's bank records show he received payments of $110,000 between November and July 2008. The affidavit said Rodriguez found approximately 200 credit card account numbers and related personal information on his computer.