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Now iPods lead way with walks through city parks

A SUNDAY stroll in the park is about to enter the digital age.

A Dublin council is hoping to boost visitor numbers at its parks by allowing walkers to have their route dictated through their iPods.

The audio tourism will also help people with accessibility problems to navigate some of the capital's green areas.

The series of Connect iWalks, by South Dublin County Council, are downloadable and serve as an information accessory to your stroll. The parks covered by the scheme include Corkagh, Griffeen Valley and Dodder Valley parks.

As well as being directed around the park, the listener will hear stories, history and details about the amenities on offer.

"Although they were created to highlight accessibility provided in the parks, and to virtually 'bring the parks' to those who are not able to visit them in person, the iWalks have also made the parks experience much more enjoyable and interesting for all," said Selina Bonnie, disability liaison/access officer for South Dublin County Council.

Free podcast tours of Dublin are not a new phenomena, others are readily available such as a tour of Georgian Dublin, Croke Park or even a Guinness walking tour of the city.

The main point of the new podcasts is to "make parks more accessible to as many people as possible," says Paula O'Rourke, executive park superintendent for the Corkagh district.