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Now Ben gives weights hairdryer treatment in gym

GYM tycoon Ben Dunne has proved again he is no pushover for badly behaved fitness freaks.

The Herald can reveal how the no-nonsense entrepreneur ordered the removal of free weights at his fitness centres after some members were found to be leaving them "all over the place".

Gym-goers were left shocked when they found the weights were taken away by staff members last month.

Mr Dunne said he took the drastic decision after noticing the problem of scattered weights in some of his gyms.

"Our gyms are about all members, not just one. It is an issue in clubs everywhere that people are simply taking weights off their display and leaving them all over the place."

He added:"We took the decision to take the weights away for a period, but they are now back and we will see how it goes.

"I don't need to discuss the running of my businesses but issues like this are experienced by other gym owners as well."

The move came just months after the tycoon ordered the removal of all hairdryers from the men's changing rooms at his chain of gyms.


He revealed that he took the decision after witnessing male gym goers drying "down around their private parts" with the hairdryers.

Mr Dunne, who is preparing to open his seventh gym in the capital next year, told the Herald that he has "no intention" of reinstalling the hairdryers.

"They are gone and I was right to take them away. They won't be going back into any of the gyms, that's for sure," he said.

Women's changing facilities have not been affected by the move, according to the former Dunnes Stores boss.

He previously denied that he had taken away the hairdryers in order to save money on electricity.

"If it was to save electricity, I would take the plugs out so they could not plug in their dryers," he said.

Mr Dunne has made no apologies in the past for some of his extreme decisions.

He said he has a "very simple" solution for anybody who does not like the policy -- they can have their money back.