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Nothing has changed in five years says mother of tragic teen victim

THE mother of a teenager who committed suicide after being tormented by bullies has claimed "nothing has changed" since her daughter's death.

Colette Wolfe said her "heart broke all over again" when she heard of the death of 13-year-old Erin Gallagher, five years after her own daughter, Leanne, took her life.

Erin killed herself last Saturday after enduring a vicious campaign of bullying at online site Ask.fm

Only weeks earlier, 15-year-old Ciara Pugsley from Co Leitrim ended her own life having been bullied online.

Both deaths have re-opened old wounds for the Wolfe family.

Ms Wolfe and her husband Anthony have campaigned to stamp out bullying in schools but today accused the authorities of "doing nothing" to help the victims of bullying.

"How many more Leannes will there be? We've seen two young girls die in the past six weeks. Our hearts break for these girls' families because we went through what they are experiencing," Colette said.

"Nothing has changed. Nobody wants to take responsibility. But somebody has to, especially with the horrendous bullying going on in text messages and online.


"People think suicide is about the last couple of drops that overflow a cup. It's not; it's about all the drops over time -- all the hurt, the pain, the anger -- that builds up and is pushing our young people over the edge.

"These parents are now starting a very difficult journey. I can still remember the emptiness I felt. I felt like I was nothing without Leanne. I felt death would have been easier for me than carrying on."

Leanne Wolfe took her own life aged just 18 after being subjected to horrendous bullying, including abusive text messages.

The schoolgirl detailed the torment she encountered in her diaries, extracts of which have been published.

Her brave family have spent years helping other parents struggling to cope with their children's bullying.