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Not very Trinity is it, poking fun at deceased Finance Minister Brian?

TRINITY professor Brian Lucey was today accused of "disrespecting the dead" after making jibes about Brian Lenihan.

The outspoken economist sparked a furious reaction after posting a satirical picture of the former Minister on twitter.

The picture - which was tweeted late on Tuesday night - makes a dig at Mr Lenihan's handling of the banking crisis.

"I think I know what I'm doing. Give Anglo as much cash as they want. That's it," the accompanying caption to the late Mr Lenihan picture reads.

Mr Lucey tweeted the picture along with the comment: "Lest we forget how we ended up paying 3.1b" - referring to the next tranche of the €3.1bn Ireland is set to pay this month to unsecured bondholders.


A row has now erupted between Mr Lucey and a number of Fianna Fail politicians including Meath East senator Thomas Byrne.

Mr Byrne today slated the tweet - describing it as "disrespectful towards the dead".

"The picture Mr Lucey decided to put up on twitter is disrespectful towards the dead. It is offensive towards the family of a man who commanded huge international respect as Finance Minister," he said.

"Brian Lucey will never command the type of respect Brian Lenihan had. He takes home a massive salary which is paid for by the taxpayer and I believe he should consider remarks he made in the past about the property bubble where he was clearly wrong."

"It's really important to emphasise that Fianna Fail has taken responsibility for decisions the party has made. Micheal Martin apologised at the Ard Fheis for decisions of the past.


However Mr Lucey's comments and tweets are both offensive and disrespectful," Senator Byrne told the Herald.

The financial commentator previously admitted he was wrong to say the housing bubble would continue at a "modest but still significant pace".

"In retrospect I was wrong. Hindsight is 20-20. That is life. Does that invalidate the analyses I am doing now? Not necessarily," Mr Lucey said.

His tweets this week prompted a flurry of angry reactions from Fianna Fail supporters. He became engaged in a number of exchanges but refused to back down on posting the photo.

"This old "don't speak ill of the dead" issue shouldn't mean don't criticise them. Let's recall who was at helm 08," he tweeted referring to 2008. Mr Lucey today refused to make any further comment.