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Not another year - Johnny Logan won't do Eurovision again


Johnny Logan

Johnny Logan

Johnny Logan

Johnny Logan


Johnny Logan

Johnny Logan has vowed never to sing for Ireland again in the European Song Contest.

Logan, won the Eurovision twice, in 1980 with What's Another Year? and in 1987 with Hold Me Now.

He also composed the 1992 winning song, Why Me, which was sung by Linda Martin.

Asked if he would ever give it another go, Logan said it wouldn't happen.

"No. I appeared in the one in Denmark last year, but that was a paid job," he said. "I did that for Danish TV and it was fun, actually."

Logan (60) turned down RTE when the national broadcaster asked him to represent Ireland in 2009.

"Unfortunately, they couldn't afford to pay me," he said at the time.

Logan has enjoyed great success throughout Europe, and has returned home for Christmas after an extensive tour.

"All my band are from Denmark and I just arrived back from there on Monday morning," he said.

"I've been on tour for six weeks so when I got back to Ireland I slept for 15 hours.

"The last four days before I got back I was in Norway, Denmark, Holland and then back in Denmark again before flying home."

Logan is known for his distinctive style, whether it's his iconic white suit or his black leather look from reality show The Hit.

"I just dress in what I'm most comfortable in, I've never dressed simply for effect. Anybody who knows me knows that," he said.

After returning from touring, the star can't wait for next week.

"I'm looking forward to seeing my friends and family. Christmas Day is a very special day for me with my family," he said.

"And I also try to remember those who we've lost as well."

Logan, who turned 60 in May, said he won't be counting any more birthdays from now on.

"Maybe that's my resolution. I was 60 and I've decided I'm not going to get any older. So I've decided not to count any more birthdays from January," he said.