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North parades peace hopes

THE North's top police officer said he was optimistic there would be peace on the streets this summer.

With the first of the contentious parades due to take place tomorrow, PSNI chief constable Matt Baggott said he was hopeful this year's marching season would not be marred by violence.

"There is absolutely no reason why this summer's parading season shouldn't be an exemplar in the way that the G8 was," he said.

Last year shots were fired and an explosive thrown at police during disturbances at the Ardoyne interface in north Belfast on July 12.


A FORMER enforcer for James 'Whitey' Bulger has been grilled by Bulger's lawyer about varying stories he told about killings he says were orchestrated by Bulger and his gang.

John Martorano, who admitted killing 20 people, testified yesterday for a third day in Bulger's racketeering trial in Boston, USA.

Martorano acknowledged that he originally told investigators that Bulger's partner, Stephen 'The Rifleman' Flemmi, was sitting next to him in a car and fired shots at James 'Spike' O'Toole as he stood behind a postbox.

Flemmi was actually hiding in Montreal at the time.

Bulger (83) is charged in the killings of 19 people.


TWO bodies have been found close to a German shipwreck where two divers went missing last month.

The bodies were found on the seabed 40m from SMS Brummer at Scapa Flow, off Orkney, Scotland.

Two men, reportedly experienced divers from the Netherlands, failed to return to their boat from a dive to the remains of SMS Brummer on May 28.


PARIS has given back a stretch of its riverbank to pedestrians.

Mayor Bertrand Delanoe opened the €35m 2.3km stretch by the Seine between the Royal and Alma bridges. Once a road with buzzing traffic, it's now a liberating walkway with athletic activities, a floating garden and picnic spot.