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Non-shedding trees in short supply

STAND by with the vacuum cleaner. The bane of many a house-proud person's Christmas - pine needles all over the carpet - is set to haunt our homes this year.

Christmas trees of the non-shedding variet are in short supply, growers have warned.

The type of tree that has the real 'Christmas tree' scent is the Noble Fir, which is blue-green in colour and has soft needles.


However, there will be fewer of these on the market this year, according to grower Jim Kelly from Irishchristmastrees.com

"It is an eight-year cycle and these decisions were made eight years ago. The Nordmann has a much higher return than the Noble Fir," he explained.

"The Noble Fir do not grow consistently as quick as the Nordmann."

The Nordmann Fir has gained in popularity in recent years.

Mr Kelly, who grows and sells trees along with John Brennan in Milltown, Dublin, said consumers are open-minded when it comes to the type of tree they want.

"We were the first to introduce Noble Fir Christmas trees to Dublin in 1979," he said.

"Most people like the 'non-shed' Christmas tree which has the 'real' smell but people will buy a tree based on the shape."

Mr Kelly said buyers should be aware that the tree is a living product and may not last that long.

"Putting them in water does help, but you need to cut about half an inch off the end," he advised

Prices are likely to be up this year with good trees selling for between €30 and €60.