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'Noisy' U2 must pay us €80k, say angry residents


U2 must cough up €80,000 for being too noisy at their Croke Park concerts, say residents.

They have said MCD, promoters of the three gigs, should forfeit the cash they lodged as a bond after breaching sound limits -- and give the money to the local community.

The residents spoke out as they prepared attempts to block any more concerts that would cause as much disruption as the U2 gigs.

They are to meet the GAA next month for talks on future events at the stadium.

Dublin City Council has confirmed that the 75-decibel maximum allowed at the venue under planning conditions was broken on all three nights of U2's 360 degree tour concerts.

Barbara Ward, of the Clonliffe and District Residents Association, said: "There was an €80,000 bond put up before the concerts and Dublin City Council were to withhold all or part of that bond if there were any breaches.

"We haven't heard yet what the council will do, but we want the full €80,000 to be withheld, and it should be reinvested in the area because we are the ones who had to put up with it."


Ms Ward said there would be more protests if there was a repeat of the disruption caused by the creation of U2's "claw" stage.

Patrick Gates, of the Croke Park Residents Alliance, said he would be seeking guarantees from the GAA that the problems suffered would not be repeated at any future events.