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Noise pollution a problem for 25pc in capital

ALMOST 25pc of Dubliners are living and sleeping with very high noise pollution, and the capital's most expensive addresses are some of the noisiest spots in the city.

According to Dublin City Council (DCC) research 127,000 people are living with "undesirable" noise levels with addresses like Kylemore and Finglas Road in the black-spots.

At the moment Ireland has no official limits or values on noise or air pollution, but for the purpose of their research DCC said that anything over 55 decibels in the city at night and anything over 70 decibels during the day was "undesirable."

The highest night time sound levels were recorded around busy roads both in and out of the city on the north and south sides.

Ballymun Road is registered as being five and 10 decibels over the accepted levels at night, and Kylemore Road is a full 15 decibels over the limit, coming in as the noisiest place in the capital at night.

On the south side the embassy-lined Herbert Park and surrounding areas come in as noisy night spots as does Merrion and Pembroke Road.

Rathgar Road and Grove Road were also recorded for having heavy noise pollution at night.

During the daytime just over 53pc of Dubliners are exposed to sound levels from traffic sources below 55 decibels, and around 69pc of the capital's population are subjected to night time noise levels of below 50 decibels.

But only 5pc of Dubliners are exposed to daytime sound levels of 70 decibels.


The area measured by DCC is around 127km squared with a population of 527,612.

The last time the noise levels were measured was in 2007 when the population stood at 506,21.

In the latest figures 53pc of Dubliners are living in areas below the desirable noise levels, which is an improvement of 49pc of 2007.