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No worries for mum-to-be Maura


Maura Derrane.

Maura Derrane.

Maura Derrane.

RTE star Maura Derrane (43) has insisted she is not worried about giving birth following the recent spate of maternity care horror stories.

A recent report into the Midlands Regional Hospital in the wake of four babies' deaths found that the maternity services provided at the facility were not safe.

They all died either during labour or within seven days of birth and a common feature was lack of oxygen after fetal distress was not properly recognised.

But Maura said she's not daunted by some of the stories emerging from the Irish maternity system.

"No, not at all. There are incidents everywhere but this is one maternity hospital that we're talking about. I'm going to Holles Street. It's the national maternity hospital and I'm in very good hands," she said.

The Today show co-presenter, who's 24 weeks' pregnant and married to TD John Deasy, finishes filming the popular programme this week.


Although the show is due to come back on air on September 20, Maura has insisted that she hasn't decided how long she's going to take for maternity leave.

"I'm hoping everything will go well but who knows? This is something I've never done before and I have to keep an open mind," said Maura.

"Every woman is different when it comes to giving birth. I just don't know how it's going to go. I could bounce back or I could be wrecked.

"This is our last week on air and I feel now I could do with a break. The amount of time you take off is a very individual thing."

She has also said that she and hubbie John haven't decided on the baby's surname – and how she "hopes to sneak Derrane in there somewhere".

"The thing is I'm one of four girls so we're all the last in the line so it would be nice to have a mention in there somewhere but it's not something we've talked about properly," she said.