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'No words to describe the pain,' says Jill Meagher's uncle

AN uncle of Jill Meagher described how his niece's rape and murder wreaked great pain.

"No words can describe the pain and consequences," Michael McKeon said from his home in Drogheda.

"The details of what happened to Jill are distressing. No words can describe the consequence of this and the family need privacy and space.

"We await the sentencing next Wednesday," he added, declining to comment any further.

Meanwhile, Drogheda Mayor Paul Bell said questions needed to be answered about how Jill's killer Adrian Bayley come to be at large in the community.

"I can say that the general population here has been touched and is devastated to hear the victim impact statements of George (pictured), Jill's father, and the pain he, her mother Edith, her husband Thomas and the rest of her family is suffering.

"The evidence has reignited a sense of collective hurt and I believe there are questions to be answered about how such an individual was allowed to be at large."

"Jill Meagher was the innocent victim of a brutal, hideous and evil crime," he added.