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'No surprise' Brian and Vogue split due to 'different natures'

Vogue Williams and Brian McFadden left fans shocked when they split, but those close to the couple say it's "no surprise" that they've called it quits.

The glamorous couple - who married in Florence in 2012 after a whirlwind romance - announced they were parting ways via their Twitter accounts.

"It's always sad when a couple breaks up," said pop guru Louis Walsh.

"I know both Brian and Vogue very well and I've great time for them. But to be honest when a marriage isn't working then it's better to call it quits. This hasn't come as a surprise to the people who know them. They're much better off apart."

Sources have told the Herald that the couple haven't been seen publically together in a long time.

"They're both so different when it comes to their careers," a source said.

"She's super focussed on what she wants, but he's just more laid-back about everything.

"She wants to work hard and branch out more in the UK."

It is believed that both Vogue (left) and Brian are in Dublin and spending time with their families at the moment.

Despite announcing their break-up on their social media accounts, Vogue later continued as normal, by sharing links to her blog and workout videos.

Vogue (29) is said to be throwing herself into an intense fitness regime in an effort to keep busy.

She has posted a number of workout videos since last week and shared a new one on her Instagram account yesterday of her doing some ab exercises at The Gym in Howth.


She recently bought an apartment in Howth, close to where her family live, and was spotted cleaning it yesterday.

"I'm a big home-bird, I spend more time with my family than with friends. My auntie Naomi is in the apartment below, she's my mammy in Ireland since mum moved to Spain," she said recently.

Vogue and Brian's marriage had been rumoured to be on the rocks for a while.

Brian (35), hadn't accompanied Vogue to a number of high-profile events in Dublin over the past few months.

Meanwhile, model pals of Vogue say they didn't know of the split.

While Brian partied with pals Keith Duffy, Brian Ormond and Ronan Keating at the Celebrity Cup golf tournament in Wales at the weekend, Vogue didn't accompany her husband as she was "working".

When asked by fellow model Pippa O'Connor if she was heading along to the event, Vogue wrote: "No lovely, I've work at home. Devo I'm missing it, no holidays for me until September."

While the pair often spoke about their "happy" marriage, they did admit to rowing from time to time.

A year after their wedding Vogue told the Herald that Brian's lack of organisation was driving her mad.

"Brian is the most unorganised person in the world," she said.

"He actually does nothing - if he was my flatmate I wouldn't live with him.

"Me and Brian fight all the time. We fight about the TV remote and stupid things like that."

The news comes just weeks after Brian gushed that the Assets beauty was his "soulmate".

"Meeting her was a life-changer for me - she's my soulmate," he said.

"Getting married hasn't changed anything - it was perfect anyway."

Vogue also revealed recently that the pair didn't sign a pre-nuptial agreement.