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No stick at doors as I’ve nothing to hide

David McGuinness has no doubt that he is the best candidate in the field.

The question is whether the people of Dublin West agree.

The 27-year-old music teacher narrowly missed out on a Dail seat in 2011 and is well-placed to go a step further this time.

A sitting councillor in the Mulhuddart ward, Mr McGuinness beat off competition from Anita Lenihan - the sister of former finance minister Brian Lenihan - at the party’s selection convention earlier this month.

He dismisses any suggestion that the toxicity still associated with the Fianna Fail brand will damage his hopes.

“I don’t get much stick on the door and that’s because I have nothing to hide,” Mr McGuinness said.

“I’m a local fellow who has built a record in representing my constituents over the past five years on Fingal County Council.”


The young father often takes the opportunity to compare his record on the council to that of his main political rivals.

He has produced literature which claims that he has formally raised a total of 96 issues during his time on the council.