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No social housing in Ballymun after pay-off


Apartments in Ballymun

Apartments in Ballymun

Apartments in Ballymun

BALLYMUN locals have expressed their disappointment at a Dublin City Council decision to accept a payment from a developer instead of a social housing commitment.

Locals believed that a portion of the new Stormanstown development would be allocated for social housing.

However, none of the new properties will be allocated for social housing after the developer paid a sum to the city council.

Local Sinn Fein Councillor Noeleen Reilly said that she was very surprised that social housing will not form part of the new development.

"Dublin City Council gave us a presentation and we were told that social housing would be made available in that development so it is a huge surprise that this is not going to happen," she said.

"It is very disappointing because there is such a huge demand for social housing in the area and in the facility," Ms Reilly added.

A loophole in current legislation known as "Part V" allows developers to account for their social housing commitments through cash payments to local authorities.

Under new reforms announced by the Department of the Environment earlier this month, developers will have to provide up to 10pc of their housing units for social housing from early next year.


Dublin City Council said that financial contributions made by developers are "ring fenced to provide capital funding for the provision of housing".

However, Cllr Reilly said that this will not be used to create new developments. "If they are not going to build the social housing units in these developments they should give us the money so that we can build social housing within the area," she added.

When asked how much the Council had received from the developers, a spokesperson said we are not commenting any further on this.

The developer was unavailable for comment last night.