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No sign of end to BA dispute

Strike action at British Airways continues today with little sign of a breakthrough.

Talks between BA management and the Unite union ended last night with little sign of a resolution.

Members of Unite stayed on strike today for the fourth day of a five-day walkout, with another five-day stoppage due to start on Saturday.

Talks were adjourned after six hours.

Rosary beads ban on hold

A US judge has ordered a school to reinstate a 13-year-old boy who was suspended for wearing rosary beads, pending a hearing on whether his civil rights were violated.

Oneida Middle School officials in New York contend Raymond Hosier violated a ban on gang clothing, as rosary beads are sometimes worn as gang symbols. The boy says he wears the rosary in memory of his younger brother, who died in a bicycle accident.

Marathon man took short cut

A runner believed to have recorded the fastest London Marathon time for over-65s took a 10-mile short cut.

Anthony Gaskell crossed the line in three hours and five minutes during April's event.

The 69-year-old grandfather, from Wirral, Merseyside, was to receive a plaque until he was reported as saying he cut a chunk from the course.