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No sex ban for the Euros... just don't 'overdose' says Trap

A LITTLE pre-match nookie is fine with Giovanni Trapattoni -- but nothing too strenuous.

The Republic of Ireland manager has told his Euro 2012 squad they are free to spend their downtime in Poland enjoying themselves.

However, they are not to let the fans down by overdoing it.

Trap says that Robbie Keane and his players are free to booze and spend time with their WAGs.

Asked if he would be imposing a sex ban on the squad, he gave a true Trapattoni-style answer.

"I was a player and it's like food, if you eat, eat, eat you're dead from food," he said. "Don't overdose on it."

The 73-year-old continued: "That is a joke of course. They [the players] will have the possibility on days, opportunity days. On a free evening it's okay. In the evening, the players will come back to us."

Trapattoni was in Mayo over the weekend for a charity walk on Croagh Patrick where he was joined by Taoiseach Enda Kenny and FAI boss John Delaney.

The Italian explained that his approach was to allow the players enjoy themselves in Poland to a point.

And despite previously having to lecture some players about drinking in the build-up to matches, he has refused to rule out booze altogether.

He believes that alcohol is fine in moderation and provided it doesn't affect training or games.

"One or two paid the price for this situation in the past," he explained.

"Afterwards they had excuse, excuse, excuse. Some other players also had this habit but we have given them the opportunity and they understand.

"They understand not to betray us because betraying us is betraying the Irish people.

"I think our players are now mature enough. For you, for me, they cannot betray that trust."

Ireland will be based at the Sopot Sheraton in one of Poland's most popular tourist resorts.