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No Republican funeral for hated thug Fat Deccy

A notorious gangster who died yesterday morning after being shot in the face is not expected to get a paramilitary funeral when his body is given to his family next week.

Declan Fat Deccy Smith (32) was equally hated by both gangland criminals that he extorted cash from and his former IRA comrades who he stole money from.

A source said: "Not too many people will be mourning the loss of this thug – he had very few friends left within the ranks of dissident Republicanism and has even less in the ranks of organised criminal gangs."


The murdered gangster was involved in a number of disputes with both dissident Republicans and drug dealing gangsters.

Smith was the chief suspect for shooting Blanchardstown native Raymond Kennedy (34) in the legs in April, 2012 – a crime he carried out with his close pal, slain Real IRA terror chief Alan Ryan, who was shot dead five months later.

Kennedy was discovered with leg injuries at a Topaz filling station on the Malahide Road.

The Blanchardstown man was tortured at another location and is understood to have driven his van to the petrol station.

He was taken to Beaumont hospital where he required emergency surgery but he refused to co-operate with Garda investigations.

But by January of last year and after the murder of Ryan, Fat Deccy himself became a hate figure within the IRA.

He was found with a gunshot wound to his leg in a housing estate in Saggart, in the early hours of Saturday, January 19, last year.

He had been targeted by his former IRA associates after a five-figure cash sum that had been extorted went missing.

After this happened, he was officially notified of a credible threat against his life by gardai and spent a year on the run.

He could not go back to the North because he was wanted for questioning by the PSNI as a suspect in the murders of Edward Burns (36) and Joe Jones (38).


The pair, who were members of the Continuity IRA in Belfast, were killed within an hour of each other in March 2007 in a bitter dispute involving stolen cash and missing weapons.

They were both savagely beaten before Burns was shot dead and his body dumped in the west of the city.

Jones was decapitated with a shovel and his body abandoned in an alleyway in Ardoyne, north Belfast.

A month ago, Smith felt confident enough to move into a house in the Coolock area. However many of his most bitter enemies live in that locality.

Gardai believe he was under surveillance by mobsters who struck at 9.15am eight days ago when Smith dropped his son off at a crèche at Holywell Road in Donaghmede. Half his face was blown off by a shotgun and he was never going to recover from such terrible injuries.