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'No one's allowed to mention royal couple during our special day'

They might not have a royal budget but this Dublin couple are determined not to be overshadowed by Will and Kate.

Templeogue man Aidan Gibbons (26) and his beautiful bride Clare Nash (also 26) have banned guests from mentioning the royal couple during their wedding celebrations on Friday.

The couple, who are based in London, are returning to Dublin in order to tie the knot.

"We had actually planned to come to Ireland a long time before William and Kate announced their plans, so it's a big coincidence that it's all happening on the same day," groom Aidan told the Herald.

The Dubliner met Clare while they were both attending university in Hertfordshire in the UK.

"We've known each other seven-and-a-half years now, and the seven-year itch didn't kick in so we think its safe to get married now," Aidan joked.

After the couple tie the knot and celebrate with their family and friends in Barberstown Castle, Co Kildare, they are planning to emigrate to Singapore, where Aidan will be working in the post-production of commercials.

Clare, who is from England, works in jewellery design, and is hoping to pick up work there as well.

"It will be a great wedding day," Aidan promised.

"We have friends and family coming over from the UK as well, but we've banned them from watching any of the Royal Wedding.

"It will be all sorts under one roof. Clare is a Protestant and I'm a Catholic, so it will be a breath of fresh air," he revealed.

Aidan and Clare wish William and Kate the best of luck on their wedding day also.

There's no doubt the royal couple need it -- their guest list attracted controversy over the weekend after it emerged they left out former Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, leading to speculation of tensions between the Royal family and the two men.

Their seating plan has proved to be a bit of headache -- they have to accommodate David Beckham, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson and the King of Tonga -- Aidan and Clare are a little envious of the lavish budget .

But they realise there's an upside.

"We're just glad we don't have to face a bill like theirs," said Aidan.